Guaranteed Fitment TSX Bumper and Body Parts

A collision can cause minor or severe damage to your Acura TSX. The front and rear bumpers are created to be the first line of defense and to take the brunt force of an accident, which protects the hood, trunk, lights, frame, etc. Acura Parts Now has each of the parts that are needed to replace your bumper, including new, authentic front and rear bumpers, bumper covers, reinforcements, trim, moldings, inserts, brackets and hardware.

Acura Parts Now

Acura Parts Now is located in Overland Park, Kansas, and has an extensive online store with discounted prices, which ships anywhere in the United States. Fender benders and accidents aren't uncommon in this area, and each year Overland posts the top crash locations from police department statistics, which is an active way to avoid potential problems. Intersections that experience the most Acidents in Overland include Quivira and 106th, Metcalf and 75th and College & Quivira. The police are asking residents to be aware of risks while driving in these areas because this can reduce the number of accidents.

Is this a Do-it-Yourself Repair?

If your bumper is cracked or dented, you will need to assess the damage to determine if there are additional parts that need to be replaced or repaired. After the safety of those involved in the accident is affirmed, you will need to determine if the vehicle is drivable and if there is damage to the vehicle's appearance or body parts and if there is hidden damage to the frame. Do-it-yourself options may be determined after you visit a body shop for a professional evaluation of the damaged car. Doing the body work by yourself is possible with authentic and affordable OEM body parts, which are available on our online site HERE. Our OEM parts are the perfect fit and are the easiest replacement option for bumpers, fenders, hoods and any other body part or engine part. We have thousands of Acura parts and accessories that are in stock and available at wholesale prices. We specialize in Acura TL, TSX, MDX, RDX, ZDX, RL, RSX, Integra, Vigor, Legend and Acura NSX. Body parts including the front and rear bumper, side skirts, rear lip, hood, fenders, hood scoops, fenders and fender flares, wings, spoilers, doors and so much more are ready for shipment.

Do-it-Yourself Steps- Repairing a Dented Bumper

If you have been in a minor accident and have a cracked bumper, the repairs require some knowledge, professional tools and skills. Before attempting to fix a cracked bumper, you will probably want to purchase a new, OEM Acura bumper to restore the luxurious appeal of your Acura TSX affordably and quickly. If your bumper is slightly dented, you may be able to repair it with some basic tools.

Tools and Materials Needed

1. Heat gun or hair dryer (Choosing to use a hair dryer may be easier and safer, but may not provide the quick results that a heat gun can achieve)

2. Jack and jack stands

3. Pry bar or crowbar

4. Safety glasses and work gloves

Step One

Follow safety requirements to secure each jack stand on a solid surface and use the jack to lower the vehicle's inner frame or pinch weld to rest on the jack stand.

Step Two

Remove the car's splash guard from under the vehicle or the fender's well guard to access the bumper.

Step Three

Use the heat gun or hair dryer to evenly heat the damaged section of the bumper until it is pliable. The bumper may be flexible after five minutes of heat. Be sure to hold the heat gun three to four feet from the bumper to protect the paint from melting. Using a hair dryer will usually produce enough heat to repair the bumper, and it will not dissolve the paint.

Step Four

While you are heating or after you have finished heating the bumper, use the pry bar to push the inside of the bumper outward. The bent portion should start to push out as you apply pressure using the crowbar. If the bumper is not pliable enough, continue to warm the area until it becomes flexible. It may help to have a friend continue to heat the bumper while you push with the pry bar. Push out the deepest area of the dent first. Repeat the process until the bumper's proper curvature is restored.

Driving with a Bent Frame

Always check for additional damage after a minor accident. If your frame is bent, it won't be able to support the body correctly, and this will potentially create a misalignment of additional parts, including the body panels and bumpers. The drive train would also be out of alignment, which can cause vibrations and difficulty while shifting. Handling issues or uneven wear on the tires can be created when the tires are misaligned due to a bent frame. Trying to straighten a bent frame can be difficult, and if it isn't perfect, it could lead to more problems. When the dimensions are just a little off, the bumper, fenders, headlights and other parts may not fit properly.

OEM Acura TSX Parts are Identical to the Replaced Part

If a new frame is needed, an authentic TSX frame is the best way to go, and authentic parts will ensure that your vehicle is properly aligned. OEM bumpers and parts are duplicate reproductions of the original parts, made of quality metal, designed with Acura software and manufactured according to the exact dimensions of the original part. They are the perfect replacement for any factory installed part because they are made with same gauge sheet metal and will provide frame, wheel and body part alignments. You Acura is technologically advanced and uses systems and components that are synchronized to work as one unit. All Acura parts, including bumpers, frames, doors, fenders, axles and wheels, are carefully designed to meet Acura's original safety and driving standards.

Be Aware of Non-OEM Bumpers and Body Parts

Beware of non-OEM or non-original manufactured parts. These parts are often sold at highly advertised, traditional parts stores and many consumers are unaware that they are not purchasing authentic, Acura parts. These are imitation or copies that are not manufactured by Acura. These parts are not made with the same quality materials, and they can't perfectly match the original specifications and tolerances. Aftermarket parts aren't required to adhere to the same performance qualifications and characteristics as authentic Acura OEM parts.

What About Using Reconditioned Bumpers or Parts?

Reconditioned bumpers and collision parts are removed from an existing vehicle and have been repaired or restored. Reconditioned fenders, bumper covers, rims, wheels and headlights may be available but are not comparable to new OEM parts. OEM parts are guaranteed by Acura and will not void the warranty, but if the failure of a reconditioned part causes a problem, it may void the coverage provided under your vehicle's warranty. OEM parts are guaranteed to operate identically to the original part and using an OEM part will protect your Acura warranty. Visit to enjoy wholesale prices on thousands of genuine Acura parts and accessories. Our team of Acura parts experts is available for personal assistance at 1-866-997-2787 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Enter your TSX vehicle's VIN to locate the correct parts for your Acura. Acura Parts Now is located at 7727 Frontage RD, Overland Park, Kansas.